an• other here is a nomadic art residency, which aims to support artists, curators, and other art practitioners.
Each edition happens in a new location, chosen for both historical and cultural singularities, regional ecosystem, and its distance from usual areas of creative activity.
This initiative - founded at the beginning of the pandemic - is led by Italian-French-German curator Livia Tarsia in Curia and Italian-German artist Lea Mugnaini.
an• other here is committed to produce and disseminate projects that experiment artistically with and through the richness of what is geographically close to the residency - otherness in proximity.

Edition 2020

In an era of deep changes, spatial perceptions are more prevalent within our shelters, and they alter our conception of the living and work places. Confronted by multiple boundaries, we were encouraged to explore the meanings of home and other everyday spaces, condensed in our nearby environment. This resonated with the practice of many artists, as their working habits were disrupted and had confronted them even more with the notion of concealment. Whether it was the inaccessibility of their production sites or their exhibitions venues. They experienced their living spaces intensely, transforming them into a receptacle of contestation, (re)invention and creation, bringing out new time-spaces. These engaged habitats indistinctly juxtaposed individual (mental), relational (to others) and historical spaces that the artists Asìs Ybarra, Laure Catugier, Alan Affichard and Aiko Shimotsuma translated in the frame of the residency an• other here.

The first edition took place in a private home on the outskirts of Berlin. In that familiar habitat the artists researched, conceptualised and realised site-specific projects. According the needs of each of them, production and curatorial supports were provided. Considering the pandemic, an• other here undertook to conduct meetings and events adapted to the circumstances.

Lea Mugnaini

is a multidisciplinary artist. She studied Fine art at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin and is currently finishing her masters degree at the UDK University of Art, Berlin.
Lea’s artistic approach examines and analyzes how structures and forms are the essential carrier of our felt environment. Her work is an ensemble of a visual archetypal vocabulary within essential shapes.

Livia Tarsia In Curia

is an independent curator. Her curatorial practice has been developed through collaborative projects in Berlin and Paris since 2015. Livia runs actively an• other here residency and is a member of c-e-a. She is also co-founder of the young curators collective Polynome. Based in Marseille, this initiative operates in an informal and decentralized way. The topics that are explored focus mainly on the social and democratic artistic practices that emerge in response to the current system dominated by late capitalism.